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The Chinese cuisine art has been affable and cultured owing to hundreds of second childhood. Title has it that the tradition of Chinese cooking originally introduced by its first Prime Minister Yi Yin of Shang dynasty in the 15th century BC.

There are four main regional types of Chinese cooking. The cooking of Canton province in the south is called Cantonese cooking. It features rice and lightly seasoned stir-fried dishes. Typical Cantonese dishes are wonton soup, egg rolls, and sweet and sour pork. The Mandarin cuisine of Mandarin province in northern China features dishes made with wheat flour, such as noodles, dumplings, and thin pancakes. The best known dish from this region is Peking duck, a dish made up of roast duck and strips of crispy duck skin wrapped in thin pancakes. (Peking was the name of Beijing, the capital of China, until after the Cultural Revolution of the late 1960s. Shanghai cooking, from China's east coast, emphasizes seafood and strong-flavored sauces. The cuisine of the Szechuan province in inland China is known for its hot and spicy dishes made with hot peppers, garlic, onions, and leeks.

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Unlike most fine-dining restaurants that pride themselves on glamour and showiness, PANORAMAis a restaurant that thrives on mystique and simplicity. PANORAMA offers a continuing series of delicacies to make your night one to remember. Each new treat is even more delicious when you don't know what to expect. Each of the tongue tickling recipe is exceptional and skillfully prepared in Chef's own authentic way. The restaurant gasconades an elaborate but an intricately designed buffet menu during weekdays with dishes from the Mediterranean to Avadh and finally arriving at Bengal on Sunday. Boasting of exceptional service and ambience, PANORAMA offers one luxurious private dining area for guests seeking a more personnel touch.To Sum up, your search for the best fine dining restaurant ends only and only in PANORAMA at SWOSTI PREMIUM



India is the gourmand's delight, boasting not one or two but about a s many cuisines as the number of communities. (And anybody who knows anything about India will tell you that there's just no counting the number of communities in this country, just as there's no counting the number of stars in the night sky|) It's all very well to broadly categorise the foods of India into North Indian and South Indian for the purpose of simplicity. But that is a simplistic categorisation, you'll realise, for even within every state in India one finds great culinary variation.

So keeping in mind of the taste buds of our valued guests, Swosti Premium opened its authentic Indian Restaurant CHANDAN. Enter into the CHANADAN and you will be carried away with the ambience. You truly feel as if you have gone away for a few hours-from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It truly is a treat to your eyes. The staffs at CHANDAN pay close attention to detail.